Our core values and culture have evolved over many generations and give us a unique presence and voice in today’s marketplace. If we were to summarise what makes Besso special, it would be a blend of many things: leadership, dependability, integrity, strength, adaptability, tradition and innovation – characteristics that are enshrined in our work ethic and corporate style.

Together, they have made us what we are today, an international company with long-serving teams who are passionate about insurance and negotiating complex risks. Fittingly, our brand ambassador is Jason Leonard, whose celebrated rugby career reflects the principles and achievements that are the bedrock of the Besso brand.

Below are the values that define Besso:

Leadership and loyalty

We are a proud and loyal business with an esprit de corps that owes much to our longevity and the cachet of the Besso name. Many members of our senior team have served the company for decades, and we differentiate ourselves through our independence, individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. We lead where others follow, steadfast in pursuit of our clients’ best interests.

Dependability and integrity

Clients rely on us to manage complex and hard-to-place risks. We are experts in our field and always act boldly and resolutely. We set the highest standards for integrity, transparency and accountability.

Strength and adaptability

Our insurance foundations are firm and deep. We reach back centuries and have continually adapted to market developments, providing the insurance industry with a powerful and versatile platform for business.

Innovation and creativity

We are recognised and valued for our skill and expertise in niche markets. We have an instinct and aptitude for creative solutions, and we continually seek new ways to improve our business lines and provide a better service for our clients. 

Teamwork and professionalism

Above all, we are an accomplished global team. Our reputation for leadership and loyalty is reinforced by our collective skills and experience, which ensure that every division and business line draws on the best talent available in the marketplace. Moreover, we have created a truly diverse and inclusive workplace that embraces talented people irrespective of their background, race, beliefs, or gender.