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The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)/Drones is becoming more widespread in today’s world. As the use grows, so does the need for regulation by the civil aviation authorities and so the need for specific insurance coverage will become necessary.

As a specialist Aviation Insurance Broker, Besso are able to provide full aviation based cover for your equipment with Aviation Underwriters in London.

We understand the complexities that are involved with insuring UAVs and so are able to work with Underwriters to ensure that you have a bespoke policy to fit the purpose of the UAV’s use.

We can place cover for your Rotary or Fixed Wing equipment anywhere in the World for full flight and/or ground risks, the hull insurance for the UAV and any carried equipment and your liability arising out of its use.

Please contact us and we will send you a proposal form – but please remember that a proposal form will never convey the full story; whereas it should show the degree of knowledge and experience in operating UAVs: it won’t convey the enthusiasm that you the operator has for your industry nor the ideas and innovations that you may be bringing to this fledgling industry.

This sort of input is vital to us, the broker, in the negotiations with underwriters on your behalf.


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