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We specialise in all aspects of both residential and commercial construction whether it be project specific (wrap/non wrap), master programme or even on a discontinued ops basis.

We have facilities and markets that allow us to provide liability limits from a primary $US1m to over $US500m.


Even in this difficult construction environment we continue to write business throughout the United States, which further demonstrates our understanding of the class and our access to and backing from competitive markets.

Our markets are considered industry leaders on both a primary and excess basis for residential and commercial construction. Specialties include:

  • Annual or multi-year close of escrow policies tailored to tort, statute and contractual obligations
  • Coverage in all states available
  • Project specific and master policies both wrap and non-wrap
  • All types of construction considered including for-sale, rental, attached and detached as well as commercial construction
  • Flexible SIR levels from as low as $USD50M. Aggregated SIRs also available
  • We have long term relationships with third party QA/QC entities that assist the insured with internal processes, risk management and potential contractor issues
  • Bespoke insurance solutions tailored to specific needs/demands of any Insured.
  • Experienced claims service and infrastructure 
  • A-15 rated paper


Divisional Specialists