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Our team arrange cover for businesses within any industry that have a manufacturing element. We source cover for all types of recall situations including errors by contract manufacturers, product guarantee and pecuniary losses. We deal with all the major insurers in the London market and work with them to design bespoke programmes based around cover requirements, self-insured retentions and budgets. By working closely with all parties, we identify the likely triggers that could cause a recall and then design a suitable programme that is best placed to respond. We understand the difficulties faced when deciding which cover addresses the unique needs of each of our clients and we are on hand to help navigate these complex choices.

What we can do

We deal with all types of standalone primary and excess product recall, guarantee, and financial loss business including: -

  • First party costs of replacing products that have failed to perform their intended function.
  • First and third-party costs of recalling and replacing products
  • Financial loss suffered by third parties
  • Legal costs, fees and expenses.
  • Malicious product tampering and extortion
  • Cyber product safety
  • Rectification cover
  • Business interruption cover
  • Brand and reputation protection

Who it is for?

We can assist with all commercial and industrial risks including: -

  • Automotive components
  • Precision engineered components
  • Food and beverage
  • Other consumer products – household goods, medical devices, cosmetics, toys


Divisional Specialists

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