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We provide a multi-line coverage for contractors operating in a marine environment. This will cover them for their shore-side and on-water contracting activities such as dock, pier and bridge construction and repair, bridge inspection, piling and foundation work, dredging and commercial diving.

We have worked with many contractors over the years and can arrange cover for the numerous exposures that they face. For example: marine liability as well as hull, machinery and protection 7 indemnity coverage for owned or chartered watercraft, plus the necessary cover for any other ancillary equipment used in completing a contract.


Coverage is generally placed individually rather than in a one-stop package and will commonly include:

  • Hull and machinery and protection and indemnity on any owned or chartered watercraft
  • War risks
  • Loss or damage for any owned or chartered equipment
  • Marine liability exposures including marine general liability for US-based risks on an occurrence basis. The market in London for US-based risks is limited
  • Charterers’ liability

The London market for marine general liability for US-domiciled contractors, or those working in waters under US jurisdiction, is limited.


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