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Depending on the size and type of ship, we can provide coverage up to the required limits using either specialist mutual protection and indemnity association clubs or other markets offering cover on a fixed-premium basis. We place cover for all types and sizes of vessels trading either on the high seas or within coastal waters, rivers and inland waterways worldwide.

The fixed-premium carriers normally offer cover with a relatively low limit of liability. If this is not sufficient to meet the client’s needs, we can readily place excess layers using our excess protection and indemnity facilities and/or the open market. Mutual clubs can offer much higher limits, which can be unlimited for certain risks such as pollution. We are able to provide the required cover as reinsurance if required.


Insuring conditions for mutual clubs and fixed-premium protection and indemnity markets are essentially similar, and they provide cover for all the liabilities that the ship owner/charterer/ship manager may have. Policies provide cover for a wide range of liabilities arising from the use and operation of not only larger trading ships but also yachts and other small craft. These liabilities include: cargo, crew, and personal injury to third parties, passengers, stowaways, collisions and non-contact damage caused by vessels, damage to fixed and floating objects, pollution, wreck removal and fines.


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