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This covers the legal liabilities and obligations that a ship repair yard will have for property damage to vessels in their care, custody or control, including bodily injury and death of third parties.

For risks domiciled within the United States it is customary for marine general liability coverage to be added, on an occurrence basis, within a combined policy. The market in London for US-based based risks is limited. 


A ship repairer’s legal liability policy provides protection against liabilities for which the ship repairer may become legally liable and for any damage caused to the vessel or vessels they are working on. In addition, they could be liable for bodily injury or death of third parties resulting from their operations.

Key coverage in the basic policy includes:

  • Property damage to vessels being worked on
  • Defence costs including coverage of legal fees associated with determining negligence
  • Damage caused up to an agreed period after work has been completed
  • Travelling workman – coverage no matter where the work is being preformed away from the builder’s yard
  • Detention of vessels, additional costs incurred or loss of revenue to a vessel owner as a result of further repairs needed or costs resulting from delay in port
  • Protection and indemnity coverage during sea trials
  • Sudden and accidental pollution

Marine general liability insurance is applicable to US-based yards only. This extends to a mono-line marine liability insurance policy to include the general liability hazards of:

  • Premises/completed operations
  • Products liability
  • Work in progress
  • Contractual liability 


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