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As companies become more reliant on technology, they face increasing exposure to cyber related threats. Whether they are providing technology services to customers or collecting customer data, businesses have an exposure that can be covered by an insurance policy. Although ‘cyber risk’ is a blanket term, Besso’s cyber policies have a specific application. As a base, they are written to cover technology E&O, network security, and privacy/media liability.


Cyber policies are basically split between third-party liability coverage and first- party reimbursement coverage. Besso’s cyber policies are split as follows:

Third party:

  • Technology E&O
  • Multimedia liability, both online and offline
  • Network security and privacy liability
  • Regulatory defence and penalties

First party:

  • Event expenses such as notification, forensics, crisis management, call centres, etc
  • Cyber extortion
  • Business interruption and digital asset restoration
  • Brand reputation

Within the coverage clauses, our carriers in London and the United States can include the following in their policies:

  • Breach of contract
  • Contingent BI/PD
  • No sub-limits for first-party coverage
  • Contingent business interruption
  • Voluntary notification
  • Affirmative cover for TCPA related class action

We place business from the SME sector up to multi-billion dollar revenue firms, and cover a wide array of classes such as healthcare, hospitality, gaming, retail, contractors, home builders, lawyers, software service providers, financial institutions, and education.


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