As a global broker with an extensive products portfolio, Besso provides a comprehensive range of services for the insurance community and its clients. We operate in all geographies and cater for every major industry and business sector as well as niche markets. Moreover, we continually refine and expand our services to meet new needs.

Our business embraces wholesale, retail and reinsurance products, and is reinforced by a highly experienced in-house claims team that spans all our divisions. From a predominantly North American operation in the early years, we have widened our focus to include treaty and facultative insurance across a huge variety of business lines worldwide. 

Besso provides specialist access to Lloyd’s and all major insurance markets, and we work closely with other brokers and intermediaries to ensure global distribution. Many of our contracts are executed under binding authority facilities held by Besso Ltd.

Working with Besso, you have an expert international team on your side with generations of insurance experience. You are assured of the highest professional standards, an independent perspective and a flexible approach, together with traditional broking values that are enhanced by our innovative and entrepreneurial style.

Supporting every part of the insurance chain, we are respected for the strength, versatility and breadth of our global business. Below are Besso’s specialist services, which enhance the skills and expertise offered through each of our divisions.