Optex is a wholly owned Besso subsidiary that provides efficient risk transfer for the [re]insurance community and its clients into both capital or reinsurance markets – wherever it can achieve best execution.  Optex is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and licenced to advise on and arrange risk transfer in capital market instruments such as securities, swaps, and exchange traded derivatives.  Optex has these licences passported in to Europe and Scandinavia and has correspondent broker-dealer arrangements in the USA.

This gives our clients access to the wider capital markets and the ability to create tradable risk transfer instruments or contracts for difference 

Optex has arranged the securitisation of insurance and reinsurance risks, traded options on exchanges, and arranged over-the-counter bilateral risk swaps.  Optex has advised and arranged secondary market transactions and created Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) portfolios.

Optex arranges energy related weather swap contracts, natural catastrophe hedges for industry and agriculture, and index trades on output and pricing.

Optex has expertise in raising capital in conjunction with investment banks as well as managing reinsurance portfolios. Our range of services includes:

  • Structuring multi-peril risk transfer using parametric or financial index triggers
  • Placing non-traditional risks (such as wind volume hedges)
  • Access to a network of international reinsurers and capital markets
  • Arranging investment opportunities for capital through:
    • insurance linked securities risk portfolios
    • assuming (re)insurance risk in investment form
  • Advise on market risk to hedge or acquire sector exposure (such as reinsurance)
  • Structure industry loss warranties (ILWs) using relevant market data
  • Create special purpose vehicles
  • Manage financial and underwriting risk such as adverse claims development
  • Provide market knowledge and analytical skills for capital providers who wish to make strategic investments in the insurance industry or bespoke structures