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Besso Limited operate a specialist and long established Facility for stockthroughput. The facility is broad in scope, offering a number of additional coverages which are not normally available within a stockthroughput policy, such as business personal property, machinery and equipment, retail exposures, business interruption and extra expense. The underwriting security is 100% Lloyd's and, subject to having all the necessary information indicative terms can usually be provided within 48 hours.
The facility has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a broad range of commercial accounts including lm porters, exporters, distributors and manufacturers.
Copies of our current pro-forma wording are attached as are our current proposal form and an introduction to stockthroughput.

Coverage Highlights

  • Provides coverage for goods worldwide whether in transit, in storage or at third party subcontractors, on a stockthroughput basis.
  • Limit of up to US$50,000,000 any one location or transit. Excess stock limits can be quoted as required.
  • Flood, Earthquake and Windstorm are all included as standard within our policy form to full limits, other than in California where earthquake may be sub limited and aggregated annually and in some Southern States where Windstorm may be aggregated annually.
  • No excluded countries (other than by sanction).
  • No requirement for any "overseas" exposure.
  • Selling price valuation (sold or unsold) available as required.
  • First loss policies will be considered if required.
  • 100% Lloyd's security.
  • Policies are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

Additional optional coverage's

  • Can include exhibitions and salesman's samples.
  • Can include furniture, fixtures, fittings, improvements and betterments, interior glass, machinery equipment, EDP equipment and media up to a limit of US$2,000,000 any one location.
  • Can include retail outlets and showrooms up to a limit of US$1,000,000 any one location.
  • Can include Business lnterruption in respect of stock up to a limit of US$2,000,000.


  • Introduction to Stockthroughput
  • Coverage Highlights
  • Wordings
  • UK Application Form
  • USA Application Form
  • Canadian Application Form
  • South African Application Form


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